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  • Why We Serve: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

    Empty_wooden_picture_framesOne of the places I went to this week was Habitat for Humanity. As I stepped onto the chilly concrete, my eyes darted from shelf to shelf. They were full of knick-knacks and colorful decorations that I would consider putting in my own house someday. The woman in charge quickly separated us and put us to good use. I wound up organizing dozens of dusty picture frames.

    As much as I was enjoying organizing ReStore’s unique merchandise, I didn’t really think much about who I was helping until a man came in and showed me his bachelor’s degree. I could see the pride in his face as he asked me to help him choose a frame that he could put it in and display on his wall. In the end, we selected a gold one with decorative spirals because it “shows that he’s classy.” It was heartwarming to know that even something as seemingly tedious as organization can make such a positive difference in someone’s life!

    A Reflection by Ashley Martin-Borghi
  • Divine Charity: how do we Give what we have Received?
  • EPOCH Week 2018: Being Christ-Like

    Jesus Cleanses a Leper

    “Once, when he was in one of the cities, there was a man covered with leprosy. When he saw Jesus, he bowed with his face to the ground and begged him, ‘Lord, if you choose, you can make me clean.’ Then Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him, and said, ‘I do choose. Be made clean.’ Immediately the leprosy left him.” (Luke 5: 12-13)


    Reflections on Jesus’s Virtues and the ways we can live them out during EPOCH Week:

    Ashley Martin-Borghi (Class of 2019): “Jesus’ attitude toward the man he was serving was a complete willingness to help him and a deep respect for his humanity. Jesus didn’t pity him or even have a long conversation about his leprosy, he just said that he was willing to help him and then he did help him. One virtue that Jesus embodied in this passage was love. He really loved this man enough to change his life forever in just a few seconds. When you really love someone deeply and care about helping them, your care can transform their whole life for the better. I can implement this into my experience of EPOCH Week by going above and beyond what I have to do and actually making a meaningful connection with the people I’m serving.”

    Lauren Asam (Class of 2019): “Although Jesus did not have to help heal the man with leprosy, he used his compassion, mercy, and charity to show his love. I can implement God’s love and compassion towards others this week by praying for and with them, giving them the same charity Jesus did, and treating them with the respect and dignity all people should receive. There is a lot of stigma that can be associated with the sick, homeless, or poor, and by seeing Jesus heal the leper, we know that he loves us regardless of our circumstances. I want to be as willing to help as Jesus was.”

    Paige Buckberry (Class of 2019): “This week I am going to serve at Gleaners and the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store, as well as going on the March for Life. I think it is going to be slightly challenging because I like to work with people when doing service instead of being behind the scenes. Jesus was quick to serve others. When asked if he would heal the leper, there was no hesitation within him. I hope that this week of service can inspire me to be more like Jesus and follow his virtues of compassion and kindness. I want to be able to serve without any acknowledgement of what I have done from others. On the March for Life, I hope to show love and be caring to those around me as well as to unite with my group and come together to fight and defend the life of unborn babies.”